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Key figures

Producing one laptop requires 800kg of raw materials.

Digital technologies use 9% more energy every year.

80% of global data flows are generated by online video streaming.

What you can do right now

A one-minute web search uses 100 watts on a desktop computer, 20 watts on a laptop, a few watts on a tablet and even fewer on a phone.
A router uses 6 times more electricity than a television. Do not leave your router on standby if you are not using it. You will save around €30 per year.

A virtuous circle of daily action


By using technology as a tool rather than resorting to it reflexively, you can take a certain degree of control back.

Take care

The development of digital technologies has led to lower attention spans (decreased immediate memory) in users.


Less screentime improves your sleep hygiene, makes your lifestyle less sedentary and leaves more time for physical activity.

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